‘Blanket Activity’ – Aboriginal Awareness Week

During Aboriginal Culture Week at the NOVA Career Centre, staff and students participated in a multitude of activities throughout the week, such as the: Blanket activity, motivation workshop, identity discussion and a lunch celebration.  The 4-day week long celebration was a way to discover, explore, learn and celebrate aboriginal culture and history.

The blanket activity is an interactive & participatory exercise whereas students take part in an enlightening and powerful experience to get a sense about what happened to the aboriginal population in the 500 years since European contact. This video is a snapshot of that activity.

A few NOVA students expressed how they felt about the blanket activity:

“Understanding the ways of our people, the traditions of aboriginal people, and what happened when Europeans came over.” – Corey Marcotte-Drouin

“It gave me a good idea about how colonization affected the population of aboriginal peoples… That’s why you had people get emotional over it, because they had no idea, it just hits them right away.” – Brandon Whitebean

Photo exhibition created by artist: Scott Berwick (follow him on Instagram @scerwick) or check out his website. 20160428_08404420160427_083302


We also have the Link to the Eastern Door article about our event. Enjoy!


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