Boys under the hood

Ever wonder what teachers actually do on Ped. days? We go to school! 

Once again Nova Auto hosted our biannual training seminar. Presented by GM ASEP Instructor, Randy Scott, from Algonquin College. The event was attended by 23 instructors from 3 different school boards. The topics this time around were: changes in ABS and Traction Control Systems; new Road Sensing Suspension features; Electronic Power Steering updates; Tire Pressure Monitoring and, of course, new model features.

When listed out, it sounds like a lot of information packed into one day, and it was! With all the continuous changes in vehicle technology, two things are certain: change is a constant, and education is crucial. Judging by the reaction of those in attendance though, the event was a resounding success, and we are ready for more.

Bring it on!


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