Brave new world

Our International students have been experiencing a new life here, and NOVA is part of it.

Coming from over the hills and far away, some of our Residential and Commercial Drafting students started the program with more than a few challenges.  One of them being the language, NOVA teacher Judy Murphy has been meeting them every day after class, providing conversational English, to make the transition easier.  Interestingly enough, technical English (like the one used in drafting) is in some ways easier than the usual, day to day English we take for granted.

Our staff and students are just starting to appreciate the formidable culture these students bring in.

Some of us are fascinated by the actual Chinese language.  We have a real treat in asking them to spell out our names in Chinese. The script is a mix of complexity and elegance.  For them, it’s their language; for us, it’s poetry in motion.

Of course, they have already visited downtown Chinatown, but are also looking forward in going for a sugar shack visit and even… going on a golf driving range!




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