Building the outdoors

When people hear the word Landscaping, many think of gardens and plants. But there is more to it than that. It is hard to imagine when you see a beautifully landscaped property that it likely started out as a muddy lot with a new house on it. Now it may have walkways, a driveway, patio space, walls, perhaps a deck, a fence, maybe a pool or a pond with a waterfall. There will be trees and gardens with shrubs and perennials and lawn. And somehow it is all put together with function, durability and harmony in mind. In the landscape construction program we have a great indoor shop where we learn about and practice building all these different elements of a Landscape. Essentially we construct the landscape. Landscaping can be hard work but you get to see results for your efforts.

Gerard Rossiter (Landscaping/Carpentry Teacher)

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