Cafe Vernissage 

The first Cafe Vernissage @ HAECC showcased on Wednesday, April 22.  Art class students held an exhibition of their works which included drawings, paintings, and pâpier maché, and students from all classes made speeches, read essays, sang songs, and recited poetry; in effect, we all held a jolly celebration to toast the very frenetic year past.

Aside from the astonishing creativity on offer over the course of the morning, a vernissage of this nature provides us with an intriguing, perspicacious index as to the results of education. People taking all they’ve learned and synthesizing it into a personal ‘vision’.  Making something.

The focus this year was not only on an approach to the basic core subjects, but included a look into some important cultural artifacts of the past, while also taking a peek at contemporary artistic offerings.  Works by Munch, Picasso, Jackson Pollack, Andy Warhol, and the “moderns,” including album cover artists, were either copied or rendered “in the style of” the chosen artist.

Students have proved themselves to be a talented bunch of individuals willing to take the extra hop through artistic expression.  Bravo.

Lee Courtois & William Byron – Teachers

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