Carpentry Buzz

What’s the Buzz?

Things are really buzzing in Carpentry at CVCEC these days. We just started the fourth group of 2013 and are anticipating the start of another evening group in November. This will be the first time we run a fifth group but this year has been full of firsts; the place is abuzz with the ”Our House” project. Another first is the large contingency of students from the Naskapi nation who have joined our ranks; they appear to be settling in very well.


Field Project

One of the carpentry groups spent a couple of days at the arena of Expo Ormstown framing up more than 4600 square feet of modular flooring to be used for the upcoming jamboree and other future events. There are still tickets available for this great cause. All proceeds go to help our Habitat for Humanity project.


Green Leaders

The carpentry teachers are very excited about the upcoming LEED training. We have an opportunity to work with engineers and other experts to innovate and design eco-friendly homes. Our teachers will be leaders in the Green-building movement and our graduates will reap the benefits of being on the cutting edge.


Don Gillies

Carpentry Instructor

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