Cleaning Up…

Our teacher, Johanna, decided that we should do a Trade-it-Forward activity. We all voted and agreed on it… cleaning up the equipment room to make it look cleaner and neat, more enjoyable, and having it back to normal because everybody just put all the equipment in odd places. People just threw things anywhere they wanted; it was scattered everywhere.

Lisa and Jenna organized all the Christmas decorations and they found some Christmas things that were broken. We got rid of all the scrap metal out of the equipment room. The scrap metal was totally heavy!! Bryan, Jackie, and Simon had to pick up heavy stuff to bring outside.

We wanted to make a message to all the adults in the school to keep the equipment room clean, and put everything back when they’re done with it all.

We got a good response from the teachers and staff in the school. “Thank you very much” and “we’re grateful you guys did this” from the Horticulture teachers. Vicki said “wow, it looks nicer”. Jayme was really happy it was organized. Christine said it looked nice.

Written by: Jenna, Christopher, and Simon in Johanna’s SVIS class at HAECC

SVIS – socio-vocational integration services

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