Getting back on their feet.

The Centre montérégien de réadaptation (CMR) offers readaptation services to those who are physical impaired in the Monteregie area. They serve over 12 000 users who have a motor-skill, audio or speech impairments.

A wonderful partnership between Howard S. Billings High School (HSB) and the CMR has now been in place for over a year which allows the CMR staff to use the school facilities in order to help their clients get the much needed physical therapy they require. The partnership also enables support to students who may face the difficult task of returning to their academic of vocational studies after suffering a head trauma injury or who may need help with the physical adjustments and requirements of returning back to school.

Ysabelle Marleau of the CMR (Program Coordinator/ Traumatology) said, “by Howard S. Billings graciously offering the use of one of their gymnasiums in order to better meet the needs of those suffering from a physical impairment, we have been able to reintegrate and improve their overall physical rehabilitation and been able to help so many clients in our are. And while challenges still remain for our clients in order for them to get back on their feet, this partnership between our two institutions is such a wonderful win-win situation for our youth. It also benefits our community, whereas these people now get a real opportunity to help themselves reintegrate back into our society and get on with their lives.”

Mr. Gary Tennant, principal of Howard S. Billings Regional H.S. added “it is a source of great pride that we can maintain our partnership with CMR and help our fellow citizens overcome and manage their physical challenges”.

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