Communal Library + Table Treasures

We at HAECC have been trying to create a new communal library in our English class. Since before Christmas the formation générale (FG) staff has been working very hard to acquire new, and gently used books for this library project. We have gotten a very positive response from the HAECC community, and have received book donations from both students and staff, as well as private donations from residents of the Chateauguay Valley. The goal of this initiative is to try and get our students to enjoy reading again, a lot of young people today read on a tablet, a computer, or even their cellular telephones, but we want to help them remember the joyful experience of holding a book in their hands, turning every page with anticipation, and really connecting with the story they are reading. We want students to be reconnected to the written word, and allow themselves the pleasure of enjoying a good book.
Another project we are currently trying to integrate in FG is our Free Table Treasures. We have set up a spare table in the same area as our morning breakfast program where students and staff can bring in gently used items that they may no longer want or need, which they feel others might like to have. For example we have had books, clothes, household items, and even craft supplies displayed on our table in the last few weeks. All of the items are placed on this table voluntarily, anyone is welcome to take something they feel they could give a second life to, and all items are completely free! We hope that this project will motivate students to share things they no longer need, as well as take things they are interested in having.
FG Teachers

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