Complex assembly… easy!

The complex assembly project allows the student to put to use all the skills and competencies they had acquired throughout the Welding and Fitting Program. During the course, in separate modules, the students learn how to use cutting and shaping equipment, prepare parts, read blueprints and the related welding symbols, sketches and drawings which included mathematical shop formulas and several welding processes and assembly techniques.

Students are given a Blueprint and a questionnaire exercise (in this case, a fireplace), and time is allotted in the classroom to review and answer questions giving them a better understanding of the work that they must execute. Students then proceed to the shop where they select the material specified on the plan and begin to layout the parts prior to cutting them on the shear, band saw and Ironworker. Once the parts are cut according to the details specified, they must proceed to measure and indicate where bends are required to form the different shapes/parts to fabricate the fireplace.

Once they have the parts cut and bent, they begin to tack weld the parts according to the specifications and dimensions indicated on the Blueprint in an appropriate manner to avoid unwanted warping and distortion. Upon completion of the sub-assemblies, students must follow the welding specified according to the welding symbols indicated on the plan.

During the evaluation process, teachers take into account that safe work ethics and habits where adhered to strictly throughout the project. Other evaluation criteria that are taken into account are; distortion, finishing, dimension and welding procedures were respected.

By putting skills and competencies that were learnt during their training, and put into use for this complex project, there is a greater understanding of what might be expected of them in a fabrication shop, taking a project from conception to completion. Students are given an option to keep the project for themselves, only having to pay for the cost of material, or sell it if they prefer.

This project seems to be very popular with our community, making it difficult to keep up with the demands for them. Fireplaces have been donated to community fund raisers such as the 4H, New Frontiers golf tournament, the farmers market in front of the Nova Career Centre, BJM classic, just to name a few.

Brian Burton
Welding and Fitting / High Pressure Welding program coordinator
with contribution from the teacher team

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