Congratulations to NOVA Alumnus – Kelly Rae Liautaud

It is fitting at this time of year when we celebrate our graduates, that we recognize a former NOVA Academic student, Kelly Rae Liautaud for her latest success. We would like to congratulate Kelly on her recent graduation from Dawson College’s Nursing program!   We would also further a second hearty congratulations on her acceptance into McGill University’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing which she begins in the Fall. Kelly came to NOVA Academics in 2015 to complete her advanced Math and Sciences and was accepted into Dawson’s Nursing program the following Spring.  During her time at NOVA, Kelly was a competitive swimmer and would regale her classmates with stories of her before-and-after class swim practices (5:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. practices… 6-days a week). Her dedication to her sport as well as her studies was an inspiration. Well done Kelly!

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