Running with a purpose

Students from Grades 1-2-3 from across the Chateauguay Valley attended a cross country run at the Huntingdon Adult Education Centre (HAECC) on Thursday September 18th.

Young runners started to arrive shortly after 9am in order to prepare for the run, but before the first race began all the students gathered together for a fun warm up. The morning consisted of 6 races; each race was divided by age and gender.   Following the races kids were offered healthy smoothies made by Jeunesse Rurale en Forme (Quebec En Forme) a local organization who helps with healthy initiatives and the promotion healthier life choices.  Jeunesse Rurale en Forme showed the kids how good smoothies are and how easy they are to make at home. Throughout the morning we also had the HAECC sunshine class and the Melissa’s Sunshine group helping hand out handing out apples, water and free sunglasses!

Congratulations to all the participants! The day was a great success and full of fun and healthy activities, thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time and a helping hand to organize this event.





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