Translator for Quebec Team… Canadian Skills Olympics

In February, CVCEC entered the Regional Skills Olympics. Two carpentry students and two teachers participated in the event. Training the students and bringing them to the competition was a great learning opportunity.

I sat on the organizational board of experts to design the tasks to be accomplished at the competition. On that same board was, Justin Morin, from the EPSH Carpentry School in St-Hyacinthe. The collaboration was good and it was great for teachers from different school boards to work together.
Justin, has since then, become the Quebec Expert for Provincial Trade Competitions. He then contacted me to ask if I would take the position of translator for the Quebec team at the Canadian Carpentry Skills Olympics, from May 28th to June 3rd, 2017 in Winnipeg (Manitoba). I immediately jumped on the opportunity and took the job. I will be representing CVCEC, translating the English procedures into French so that our Quebec team has the easiest time possible and so they can focus on what matters… Carpentry!!!
Jovan Mercier-Montminy (Carpentry teacher)

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