Democracy in action!

December 12th was a historic day in the life of CVCEC.

The centre staff hosted their first ever Student Governing Board Elections. The CVCEC Governing Board consists of two staff members, two teachers, two community representatives, two business representatives and two students. A letter was distributed to all CVCEC students requesting their presence on the 2018-2019 Governing Board.

Three ladies from the Health Care programs came forward to volunteer their services. Only two students may sit on the board, so an election had to be held. The candidates are all new to the centre, their programs began in the Fall of 2018.

How do you win an election when you are new to the student body? What is a candidate to do? Our candidates showered students with cookies, cupcakes, candies and crackers! All of these gifts came with an attached tag stating “Vote for (name)!”

Colourful campaign posters were hung throughout the centre. The student’s campaign strategies were positive and a lot of fun. It was a very close race, all three candidates should stand tall and smile, they made us proud here at CVCEC!

Shelley Smythe

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