Discover Your World

With the arrival of arctic air and more traditional winter weather in Huntingdon, the students and staff are once again longing for the warmer days of summer. Luckily through an initiative worked on in collaboration between our technicians Vicky Hamilton and Andrew Fuentes, and our wonderful café teacher Marie-Claire Charlebois the students are getting the opportunity to “travel” to Miami (Florida) in anticipation of the upcoming NFL Super Bowl. The goal of the “Discover Your World” initiative is to offer the students of HAECC an opportunity to learn about the world around them. Through this project, students are asked to look at geography as well as world events. With the Super Bowl fast approaching (February 2, 2020) it seemed like the perfect event to kickstart HAECC’s trip around the world; and so, in preparation, students are being asked to participate in a Super Bowl “pool” to determine who they think will be victorious in the big game. In addition to learning about the event, the city of Miami, students will also be treated to a “Super Bowl Party” style meal prepared by HAECC’s very own café students on Tuesday, February 4th. In true Super Bowl fashion, the students will get to try delectable ‘football foods’ that one might find at a traditional viewing of the big game. Good luck to all of those students participating in the pool!

Tune in next month to see HAECC’s next travel destination!


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