Sharing ‘savoir-faire’ in the Dominican

After months of planning, packing and Spanish lessons, a remarkable team of 8 licensed practical nursing students, Jesse, Tania, Lindsey, Haley, Luzbita, Brandy, Shelly-Ann and Jessica, headed off to San José de Ocoa (Dominican Republic) on an experience of a lifetime.

Arriving with 15 hockey bags rim-filled with donations ranging from vitamins to school supplies (thanks everyone for your generosity!) and stethoscopes around their necks, this eager group will participate in 10-days of health assessment clinics in remote, mountainous villages, where health care is sparse. The students will take vital signs and do head to toe assessments on perhaps 500 people during their time! They will demonstrate hand washing and participate in health teaching. They will assist the elderly in local nursing homes and shadow nurses in the hospital and clinics. Team building alongside health professionals from Ontario and the DR will reinforce autonomy and confidence.

The Dominican project is part of what makes us unique at CVCEC; leadership in international exchanges, sharing the Quebec “savoir-faire” and encouraging students and staff on being open-minded to what our great, big and beautiful world can offer. Please follow us on our blog:

Danielle Boak
Health Care Teacher

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