Enrichment day for our students: CEN-Style!


The Nova Career Centre’s Automobile Mechanics program is the Head of the Centre of Expertise Network (CEN) which means we are the first in the province to get access to the latest mainstream technologies in the automotive industry. With this equipment, we provide training for all automotive instructors who are part of the CEN.

We had an idea in our department: Why only do this for instructors when we can do this for students as well!

So we decided to lift the curtain and organise an enrichment day where students can experience what we do for professionals all over Quebec.

We split the shop into 4 stations that the students can rotate between:

  • Checking and aligning vehicles using our portable Alignment machine.
  • Introduction to the new 2018 Chevrolet Volt.
  • Emissions performance testing using the latest Dynapack Dynamometer.
  • A station featuring our latest Consulab 2014 Chevrolet Cruze engine trainer and electrical trainers.

The day was well-received by all, even though it ended at 4 pm, we still had students here until 6 pm “bench-racing” about current technologies and where we think the automotive industry is going in the future. Based on this success, we can look forward to planning more days like this one!




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