Enrichment through Creativity

As a teacher, one of my greatest joys is to see the student’s desire to learn and to go beyond.  Therefore, I strongly believe that creativity is a key to motivation.

Carpentry modules are well structured and supervised but are basic trainings.  By offering the student the possibility of making choices and experimenting, they become responsible for their own learning experience and it encourages them to go further in their approach (techniques and materials).

Exterior Finishing Project 2013:

In teams of 2, the task required the students to research and choose (use of I-pads and other research tools) the best installation technique with the previously given materials (ex. siding, molding, eaves finishing, etc.) to get the most interesting visual result.  Also, each group had to keep in mind the concepts of recycling and re-use.

Having to meet specific criteria and finishing techniques, the building step was all the more satisfying for the students because it was their own creation from beginning to end.  The student’s success was well recognized by the general interest at the centre. A well-deserved pride emerged from these future carpenters.

The last part of the project was for each team to explain the «step by step» to reach the final result by using visual support (pictures, videos, etc).  Speaking before a group is a challenge for most people, but talking about a topic covered on all aspects, can become a pleasure of shared knowledge.

Stéphane Samson

Carpentry Teacher, CVCEC

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