Expertise is B.C. bound!

You never know where learning can happen. Our Continuing Education Department was recently contacted by Northern Lights College, from northern British Columbia (, about using three of our “How to” videos within their soon to be created ‘Building Maintenance Technician” program. We gladly accepted of course! Northern Lights College serves a student population in northern British Columbia in an area covering more than 324,000 square kilometres (the equivalent of England and Ireland combined). As you can imagine, in some of the communities Internet access can be a challenge at times. The college greatly appreciated the expertise and delivery of the material from within our 3 – How to install vinyl siding videos that they will be embedding the video content into some of their college classroom instruction for the program.  Our entire team here at NFSB is glad to lend a hand and our video hammer. Congrats to Carpentry teacher John Hodges on his great work.

Video 1:                                               Video 2:                                              Video 3:

siding_vinyl How to install vinyl siding (PART 2 of 3)How to install vinyl siding - Window Trim (PART 3 of 3)

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