Exploring the archives

Secretarial students had an opportunity to visit NFSB Archives in April and visually see what they have been learning. We extend a big “Thank You!” to Carmen Nunchiu for taking the time to guide the tour and to explain everything.

Following are our students’ comments:

“I was very impressed with how old the documents were. When we entered the Archive room, everything looked historical. I have never seen anything like it. Something about it was so beautiful. Going on this little class field trip made me realize how much organization, patience and work goes into keeping so many documents alive and taken care of.” – Audrey Poirier

“The Archives tour was a great experience. Carmen, the archives specialist, was an amazing guide. If a question was asked, she had the answer and gave tangible examples along with them. I enjoyed the opportunity to see how the skills we are learning come to life in this particular department.” – Vanessa Richards

“Seeing the New Frontiers Archives gave a clear image to what we’ve been learning in our Information Management module. It goes to show that what we’re being taught in this program will be put to use during our career.” – Amanda Trimm

“I thought today’s little trip was a great experience, in learning on how it is properly done, to learn how long things are kept, it was really cool to see the ages of the files, how different the filing systems are.” – Kylene Standup

“I enjoyed the experience visiting the archives. To see the chain of documents and the end result of that chain. To see the process of the documentation in play.” – Christina Donovan


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