A little known fact is that English vocational training options in Quebec are open to everyone! Yes, everyone!

A little known fact is that vocational training options in English in Quebec are open to everyone! Yes, everyone*! While the language of instruction is in English, we have bilingual staff who are very at ease and capable of helping those who have English as their second language. Want proof? Let Brigitte tell you in her own words. She is one of the newest graduates from our Institutional & Home Care Assistance program. Merci et felicitations Brigitte.


*Students must, of course, have met the academic prerequisites required for the specific program chosen, before they are admitted to a vocational program. When we refer to “everyone” in the text above, we are referencing to schooling language laws, such as Bill 101, which exist within the youth sector in regards to eligibility for English schooling in Quebec.

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