Midterm at HAECC

What with the icy clutch of Old Man Winter looming on the horizon, HAECC students find themselves in the harrowing midst of midterm examinations. Save for the busy scritching of pen nibs, the normally raucous halls echoed merely with the Halloween like soughing of the equinoctial winds at the window panes.

In between various Halloween revels, Grade XI students grapple with a final English exam, while below, the founding members of the Centres’ Drama Society work on staging a scene from the Bard, and verily having a spooky time of it as well.

Three senior English students getting into the true esprit of the season by rendering an infernally good turn as Shakespeare’s Wyrd Sisters from ‘The Scottish Play’ – known to some as ‘Big Mac’.   Incidentally, we found the use of an old churchyard to be a grimly apposite choice of stage setting.

And so, all goes witchingly well in the south-west corner of the Valley.  Happy Samhain!

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William Byron (Academics English Teacher)






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