The right ‘frame’ of mind

Our homes, for the most part, are taken for granted. We walk into the front door of our homes never thinking about what is underneath the gyprock and paint. We need to look behind the finished goods to see the skeleton of our homes. Our students are taught the fundamentals of footings and walls in the concrete competency and from there, we move onto floor framing and then onto wall framing. We have been teaching our students about advanced framing along with the more conventional framing methods used. These two competencies are what a good percentage of our students want to go into once they are finished here. What is really nice to see are all the students working together and the pride they have in their finished product, our two bungalows, which went up in a couple of days. Our students see the importance of square and plumb and when they walk into their homes they look at it from a different perspective. This is from the perspective of a carpenter!

Richard Bertrand (Carpentry Teacher)

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