FREE local bus service available in the area!

Did you know a new local FREE bus service is being offered in the Valley (MRC Haut-Saint-Laurent) starting in January 2021?  These bus routes might be ideal for YOU when studying at either CVCEC or HAECC. CLICK HERE – OFFICIAL LINK TO BUS ROUTES. We’ve included a quick recap below.

It is a free service. No need to register in advance. There are many stops in and around each of the towns (Valleyfield 10, Ormstown 9, Huntingdon 8, Howick 3). There are up to 6 routes a day (12 back and forth). Many of the stops have places to park a car.

Closest stops to our 2 Centres:

  • CVCEC – Caisse Populaire/IGA (Ormstown)
  • HAECC – 138-A/De L’eglise or Leonidas (Huntingdon)
  • Blue line:  Ormstown – Valleyfield – Saint Stanislas/Sainte Barbe – Huntingdon.
    • Valleyfield-CEGEP (7h46) – Saint Barbe (8h23) – Huntingdon-Leonidas (8h46)
    • Huntingdon-Leonidas (15h24) – Valleyfield-CEGEP (15h54)
  • Yellow line: Mercier/Saint Martine – Howick – Ormstown – Huntingdon
    • Saint Martine (7h30) – Howick (7h50) – Ormstown (8h09) – Dewitville (8h23) – Huntingdon-Leonidas (8h40
    • Huntingdon-Leonidas (15h22) – Dewitville (15h29) – Ormstown (15h44) – Howick (16h01) – Saint Martine (16h24)
  • Ormstown – Godmanchester/Huntingdon Line
    • Ormstown (8h07) and Godmanchester/Huntingdon (8h29)
    • Godmanchester/Huntingdon (15h23) and Ormstown (15h44)

**Full schedule and more information available via the MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent. Please consult the official bus schedule.**

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jane Fairhurst (Counsellor in Academic and Vocational Training) @ / (450) 829-2396 – CVCEC / (450) 264-9276 – HAECC

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