Big kids go on field trips too!

CVCEC carpentry students get to see how blueprints become a reality.

Last Fall during the Plans, Specs and Sketches module, the students went on a job site in Sainte-Martine, QC to see the construction of a new house.

It was interesting because the students had studied the architectural plans in class before the visit, so they were able to see and understand the importance of their learning in this module.

All of the framing was completed on the job site. Therefore, they could see the floor I-joist and laminated beam combinations and see how we can achieve open floor concepts.

The off site teaching exercises are great opportunities for the students to learn from a real work site which makes the modules more tangible and raises all kinds of questions that sometimes, wouldn’t be asked just from a book.

Alain Racine – Carpentry Teacher


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