From Seed to Staff and Students at HAECC

Our Sunshine Class @ HAECC created a massive garden last Spring behind our greenhouse.  Christine (our teacher) and her students planted cucumbers, lettuce, zucchini, beets, carrots, pumpkins, squash and a mountain of tomatoes.  Our students had to plant some of the seeds in the rain so clearly – fun was had by all!

The Sunshine Class was incredibly excited when they arrived this week and saw how their garden had grown.  They were eager to harvest what was ready in the garden so that they could work in the kitchen to make something really healthy to eat.  The choice of the team was to make a vegetarian lasagna with the vegetables from the garden.

Today we celebrated by having a lunch that the students made.  Homemade bread and a veggie lasagna were enjoyed by our staff, students and many of their family and caregivers.  Our Sunshine Camp is holding a garage sale at HAECC on Saturday, September 7th throughout the day from 8am to 4pm in the gym to raise funds for their trip to Disney World.

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