Get Involved

Student Involvement is Important!

This was a busy week at CVCEC. Teachers and students joined together to work on some goals for 2014. The three committees that met were Student Advisor, Safety and Health & Wellness. From these meetings new goals and challenges were born. I cannot express how important these committees are to school life. Students have a chance to voice their opinion and make things happen. Students have an opportunity to meet and work with other students from different classes. It also looks good on a resumé that they took part in school life.

Our biggest challenge is that courses start and finish at different times of the year and some students hesitate to sign up for a committee as they may not be able to see the goals all the way to the end. As teachers, we are aware of the fact but we welcome all students to join us and give us their valuable input for the length of time we have them with us.

“Don`t be afraid to get involved!“

Beverrly Tannahill – Health Care Teacher

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