Give Blood, Give Life!

On Wednesday April 1st, the Huntingdon Rotary club hosted their 2nd annual Blood Clinic along with HEMA Quebec at the Huntingdon Adult Education and Community Centre (HAECC). Last year’s event broke donation records for the Huntingdon area, and yet again this year we set a new record with over 110 people donating blood.

Over 60% of all Quebecers will need a blood transfusion at some point in their life, yet only 3% of Quebecers who are eligible to donate blood do so.  Students and staff from the centre donated the gift of life over the course of the afternoon.  There was also a steady flow of community members making their way into HAECC to give blood.

All parties involved in the event were very happy with the success of the clinic and are looking forward to hosting another clinic next year. Thank you to everyone who made it out and took the time out of their busy day to give blood!


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