Go! Pokémon, Go!

What a wonderful experience it was to work with the evening group of students on their final Window Display!

Being their last visual display project of the program, students were asked to create a Window Display to be set up in our NOVA Window Display by following given directions. Since NOVA is a Pokéstop and that I wanted to give them an actual popular and interesting topic for their age group, Pokémons seemed like the perfect theme.

To start the project, I gave the students a make-believe customers requirements who wished to advertise his Pokémon ornaments in the store’s window display and that his main customers were the Billings students walking by.

Students were asked to follow specific directions to create their Window Display Design.  Here were the basic requirements:

  • In teams of two, students create a window display design from the given theme (Pokémons) or choose their own theme
  • must create their design according to specific requirements like: minimum 3-dressed mannequins, eye-catching colours, props must be large enough to be seen from the street, must attract teenagers’ interest, project must require enough work for 20 students…
  • take precise measurements of window space and build a scaled reduced model
  • present their idea and project budget to the class
  • class chooses the most creative and appropriate design
  • form teams and choose a leader per team
  • build project during the whole module and do final installation

This project involved teamwork and many different skill techniques such as: learning how to sculpt figures with foam insulation, sanding, painting, assembling with hot glue, pins, wire, measuring, tracing images to reproduce in 3D, dressing mannequins, placing spotlights in specific directions to create effects and direct the customer’s eye to the products.

Students worked whole-heartedly during the entire project and were very happy and proud with the final result they achieved.

Good job guys, well done!

Shelley McGowan
Teacher – Interior Decorating and Visual Display program.

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