Green is beautiful

NOVA Career Centre’s Beauty Salon Joins Initiative to Keep the Planet Beautiful


NOVA’s Hairdressing Department is joining Green Circle Salons to implement simple eco-friendly changes that will make both NOVA’s salon and the industry more ecological.

As a member of Green Circle Salons, the Nova Career Centre Salon is beginning a comprehensive recycling program that will help us to significantly reduce our environmental impact on the planet. The program is designed to keep hair, aluminum foil, paper, plastics, and chemical waste out of water streams and landfills.

When hair is placed in garbage bags, it will mummify and turn into methane gas in the garbage dumps. The Green solution is to recycle the hair. In most salons, chemicals get rinsed out in sinks and the polluted water later flows into our water supply. The Green solution is to send all excess colour waste to a hazardous waste facility where they will be incinerated to produce clean energy.

What is the benefit for the NOVA Career Centre Hairdressing Salon customers?
They can have peace of mind knowing that they are supporting an initiative to preserve their planet. As they improve their beauty, they know they are maintaining the beauty of our planet.

Visit NOVA’s improved Hairdressing Salon today and know that you are part of the solution for a better, greener tomorrow!

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