H.A.E.C.C. students go to Montreal WE Day.

On March 24th, twelve students from HAECC participated in Montreal’s WE Day Celebration. Here are some of their impressions just moments after getting back on the bus heading for home.

“Today was a very inspirational day and it inspired me to be more active in changing the world for the better!” ~ Andrew

“Very inspirational, especially Spencer (West) who inspired me and motivated me to keep going. People, we have nothing to complain about. Be positive and keep moving forward.” ~ Marc

Sylvia learned… “There is a lot of poverty in every country, that there is not a lot of education in the third world country, to believe in yourself. We are the next generation that could do anything and we need to help.”

“It was very inspiring to believe in yourself and to have confidence in yourself.” ~ Steph

“We are born with gifts even if we don’t believe it. If you and I put our gifts to work together, we will change the world one step at a time.” ~ Roberto

“Well put together, people are so in power, care, love, do for yourself… gave me great ideas and will to make alive.” ~ Crystal

“Very motivating to see all that there is to offer for other countries.” ~ Sam

“It’s incredible how much kids and teenagers would think of other people in the world.” ~ Patty

“It gave me hope, as a mother with many children, you tend to lose hope. It’s amazing to know that one day they may change the world.” ~ Lisa

“Very inspiring, very uplifting and positive… Thank you for the experience.” ~ Brittany

Compiled by accompanying teacher, Johanna Cardinal – HAECC Free the Children rep

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