Hair, flow it, show it!

A new group of students just joined the hairdressing program at NOVA!

There are different kinds of artistic talent. Some people can draw, others paint, still others do makeup… and then some do hair. Hairstyling is both an art and a science.

Going to a hairdressing school is a great choice for those of you who love all things hair. Hair school combines theoretical training from textbooks, practical training with tools and products, and hands-on training with real clients in a student salon to get practice hours under your belt.

In the hairdressing program at Nova, students can expect to learn how to cut hair for both men and women. They will also learn how to color hair, style hair, how to work with various hair types, shampooing and conditioning, scalp treatments, waves and curls, chemical procedures, braiding, safety and sanitation, sterilization techniques for your equipment, how to consult with clients, and more.

These students should graduate from NOVA’s hairdressing program feeling fully prepared to go into a salon work environment to serve clients with skill, technique and great customer service skills.

When asked: “Why these new students choose to learn about hairdressing”?

Settille said:” It’s my passion!
Erika said:”to be able to beautify someone!
Meagan said: “Self-satisfaction to know that I made someone else feel beautiful
Kisha said:  “ to learn all the techniques
Veronica said: “Because I love hair!

Students are extending an open invitation to make an appointment to receive hairdressing services: 450-691-7099

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