Two Haircutting techniques

Our hairdressing department is pleased to showcase a couple techniques for those who are interested in:

Advanced Haircutting 
  • Melanie Sheehan is a past graduate from the Nova Career Centre. She owns her own salon and teaches advanced colouring and cutting techniques at the Nova.
Afro-Centric Haircutting
  • William Bennett speciality is the barbering of Afro-Centric hair. I met him when I was looking for a barber to teach a popular Education class at Nova during the evening. The course was 12-weeks long and we’ve done two sessions so far. More barbering classes are planned to take place in the future. In the meantime, this video is an excellent resource which demonstrates basic Afro-Centric barbering techniques.

These videos were organized and produced in partnership with ELVEC (English Language Vocational Educational Council) and RECIT (Réseau pour le développement des Compétences par l’Intégration des Technologies).

Stephanie Tremblay (Hairdressing teacher)

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