Hear it From Us!

Who better to give you an accurate picture of what CVCEC and the Health, Assistance and Nursing program represents, than the students themselves!
We interviewed five HAN students who are currently hard at work doing their Rehabilitation Care stage at the Barrie Memorial hospital in Ormstown.
They were asked to describe what they enjoyed the most about their program and their experiences.
Here is what they had to say:
Sarah: “Working as a PAB since 2008, this program has given me the opportunity to take my profession in the health care system to the next level.”
Taina: “This program has allowed me to gain the confidence to build helping relationships with my patients. I feel well surrounded as the teachers are present every step of the way.”
Julie: “The teachers are amazing and the environment is friendly.”
Trisha: “Great support and guidance. The program gives us the confidence to achieve our goals and expectations.”
Elisabeth: “I really enjoy the hands-on learning we do in class. Now we get to take all of our knowledge to the health care setting and put it into action!”
So there you have it, out of the mouths of…. some terrific students!
What could your experience be?
Join us as a student LPN for a day or better yet sign up now!
Danielle Boak (Health Care teacher)

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