Hooking up with Naskapi students!

Who am I? What do I do? What did I study? Are three questions that I am asked on a regular basis. To be honest, I do not have a short answer. I wear a few different hats throughout the week. The hat I wear at CVCEC is that of a recreation technician, working with students that have come from the Naskapi region to do the carpentry program at CVCEC. Prior to working at CVCEC I had NO idea what really went on at the Center. What exactly I was getting myself into when I decided to join the CVCEC team? Little did I know what an amazing adventure it would be! I have been working at CVCEC since end of September 2013, though I am only here two days per week, I am happy to say from the beginning I have felt part of the team. There is always something going on at CVCEC – between bake sale fundraisers, hockey tournaments, barbeques, lug-a-mug days(soup), it is always fun and exciting. The staff and students connections are so strong and positive. It was difficult not getting caught up in all of the excitement and adventures.

Coming in as a new person, working on a special project that was being done for the first time at CVCEC, I had lots of questions, and still do. Everyone at the Center has been amazing in helping, whether they had the answers or helped me find them. I cannot say thank you enough for all the support the staff have given me here. Working with the Naskapi students has given me many opportunities to network with outside sources. I have worked together with the students as well as Taxi companies, landlords, the Naskapi nation, and many more. The connections I have been given the opportunity to build over the past few months have opened many interesting doors and windows. Both of which I cannot wait to continue opening as they come along. I look forward to discover the obstacles they store behind them.

Mckenzie Hooker

Recreation Technician

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