Huntingdon centre still open!

Amidst rumours in the community, some people are being led to believe that HAECC is closing. This is not true! HAECC is a vibrant and successful adult centre with many diverse programs going on and will continue its tradition of excellence in the near and far future. HAECC has adult education, Horticulture, CEGEP, and a special needs adult program all going on everyday in the fall and winter semesters. The gym run by Energie Cardio is in full swing and the community groups can come in and use the facilities and partner with HAECC.

The CEGEP program of Champlain College St.Lambert will no longer be giving the social science D.E.C. to a new group in the fall because of failed labour talks between the Teachers’ union and the Administration of the College itself. The first two groups who are already there at HAECC for their CEGEP will continue as usual.

We are proud to announce that the first group will be graduating after the next semester and the second group is two thirds through their D.E.C. Congratulations to all of the fine students in the CEGEP program and of HAECC.

Thanks for supporting HAECC!

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