Interior Decorating and… more!

Amy Patton, Valedictorian of 2012-13 in the Interior Decorating and Visual Display program, joined the NOVA Centre after working in her grandfather’s shop “Patton’s Woodcraft” in Kahnawake for some time. There she learned to make kitchen cabinets and wood projects of all kinds.  Her decision to enter the program was based on a keen desire to learn everything she could about decorating, with an eye to one day, taking over her grandfather’s shop.

As a mother of two, with a partner who is an iron worker in New York, Amy became a dedicated student who not only excelled in her school work, but also managed her household and everything that taking care of two young children entails.

Her uncle, Allan John Patton, president of Patton Structures and Roofs, asked if she would join his business and focus primarily on the interior decorating and design part of the company.  Contractors usually outsource these services, but with the training Amy had acquired, she accepted his offer as it seemed to be a natural add-on to the business and a good fit professionally for her.

Amy put her talents and skills to good use immediately as the office area was not well suited for two people, so she redesigned it to not only have more working space, but also transformed it to a showroom as well.  The result is fascinating, as different types of moldings are installed around the windows and doors in the actual office, instead of being solely displayed on stands.  To the untrained eye, it is seamless.  Even parts of the floor were designed by Amy to showcase different wood finishes.  Very smart indeed.

Amy is using every bit of knowledge she acquired in the Interior Design and Visual Display program, even from some of the modules which seemed superfluous at the time, because her new responsibilities include such critical components as project management and writing contracts.

For NOVA, to see a student changing her professional life is rewarding and we’re so proud to notice her Vocational Studies Certification hanging proudly on the wall.




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