It takes a community… and elves

At HAECC a solid community is exactly what we have, where everyone pitches in. On December 8th while Santa visited by video-conference; staff and students whom we will refer to as Elves (because only Santa’s Elves could create such magic) began working in our newly renovated kitchen. The smell of a turkey dinner and desserts flowed through our building for days until finally on December 10th; the elves treated the HAECC community of over 100 people to a family turkey dinner with ALL the trimmings. The tables were set and the room decorated by students and staff. Music filled the air as people enjoyed the true meaning of the Christmas season. As staff began a sing along, students joined in and before we knew the festivities came to a close. However, clean up seemed to miraculously happen as Santa’s team of elves sprinkled their magic and our new shiny kitchen was once again just that with only the echo of a community at work left in our minds.

HAECC created wonderful memories for all on this beautiful snowy day.

Thank you for NOT calling a snow day.

Vicki and the Elves

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