Jamboree Highlights – a personal perspective

Habitat for Humanity House Build Jamboree Highlights  – a personal perspective

Last Friday evening’s concert in support of  the CVCEC led Habitat for Humanity – LEED House Build Project has already received many accolades, but I would like to talk about the two aspects of the event that were most meaningful to me.

First of all, I was overwhelmed with respect for my fellow teacher’s performance.  Everyone in the arena could see and hear the sincerity, and professionalism of their act.  What the audience might not be aware of is the thought and practice that went into realizing that presentation.  And probably only their students and colleagues know that it was no act, but truly a metaphor for their typical competence, and genuine dedication, to getting the job done – whether its teaching, outfitting a stage, or putting on a show.

The evening also drew forth many former students: to see the maturity that has continued to grow with them; to hear the warmth of their greetings; to appreciate their successes; to sense their satisfaction of their time spent with us; were highlights indeed.

Some might say the evening was a great success because of the music, others because of the spectacle, scale, or star power, but I attribute the success to the qualities of the communities that came together, for a good cause.

Peter Dahms

Carpentry Teacher

(for additional photos of the event visit:  http://gatherer.zenfolio.com/jamhab)

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