Landscaping to start in October!

Dear future student,

A new group of landscaping students will soon be starting at CVCEC.  This program that has been running now for more than 20 years should be an easy decision for anyone interested in working outdoors with all kinds of natural materials.  The course takes place in the off season and is pretty much free.  Within a seven month period you get to work with, (not just watch or listen)but actually work and build with stone, concrete pavers, concrete, wood, water features, plans, plants, machinery and equipment and leveling instruments. The advantage of this setting is you get to learn and try things without an employer judging your performance.  Many of our students have already worked in the industry and the program gives them a chance to expand their knowledge and ‘fill in the blanks’

I studied this program 20 years ago along with carpentry. Upon graduation I was hired by Strathmore and then Daccord landscaping.  I worked as a foreman on large residential projects and then in 2000 started my own business specializing in wood structures for landscaping.  I am a believer in the DEP (trade certificate) courses.  As a business owner and operator, landscaper, builder, former student at CVCEC and landscaping and carpentry teacher I have seen the DEP from many different perspectives.  In my own business I only hire workers who have a DEP.

I have only good memories of my time in the course and of my decision to try this path.


Gerry Rossiter


The landscape operations program will be starting October 8th and we look forward to another exciting year.  This year we will continue to have the students participate in several onsite projects because this format worked extremely well last year.  Lessons that were learned in the classroom and practiced in the shop were applied by the students on projects at several New Frontiers School Board(NFSB) schools.

The students truly enjoyed the opportunity to practice their newly learned skills with a ‘real’ experience and took pride in the fact their work would give back.  The projects included the cleanup of grounds and planting areas at several schools, the installation of concrete walkways, the construction of a retaining wall and the construction of a wooden deck.

Each project gave the students the chance to experience working on site and reinforce many skills including organisation, teamwork and good work ethic.  The mention of an onsite practice lesson was received with a cheer by the students.  The fact that Mother Nature was not always cooperative did not require teacher to remind students to be prepared, they understood soon enough that it is part of the trade.

We are looking forward to another year filled with great initiative in the NFSB school board!

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