Life imitating Art

The new students registered in the Interior Decorating and Visual Display program from January at the Nova Centre started off with great success!

The majority of students came with the international cohorts, and of course needed to adapt to the environment and the course content.  The class started out a bit slow, due to language barriers and just different learning techniques customary within different cultures.  However, once we got going and started the projects, the students showed their eagerness to accomplish their tasks successfully, and with great focus on perfecting their assignments.

When it came to sketching, talents shined through.  There were students that had done extensive education in the field of art (sketching).  These students in turn helped their classmates to better their skills, and the end result was quite amazing.  Many of the students that never sketched before, did not understand what shading was, or perspective 3 dimensional drawings were, produced some of the best sketches I have ever seen.

Both the Nova Centre and the international students met up to the challenge.  I am very proud of how the students did in this class, and I wish them all the best in finding careers that they love in Canada!

Joanne Coulombe – Teacher – Interior Decorating and Visual Display programme.

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