NOVA’s Indigenous History Course – Effects of Colonization on Indigenous People in Canada

The very first cohort of students at the NOVA Career Centre to complete an Indigenous History course wrapped up their learning in December with a diverse and media-driven initiative. Students were asked to reflect on their learning, and as the course title suggests, each student created an Instagram post demonstrating their understanding of how colonization has affected Indigenous People. They were given the option of five questions to attend to and each had to adhere to the constraints of good social media practice: short, to the point and including hashtags. The posts and questions were showcased on the @skennen_centre Instagram page; this page is dedicated to the promotion and extension of Nova’s Indigenous Resource services that connects with the community on a digital platform.

Niáwenhkowa tanon Senhniseriióhsten,
(Thank you very much and have a nice day)

Curran Katsi’sorókwas Jacobs
Indigenous Resource Teacher (Nova Career Centre)

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