A day in the life… CVCEC

If you want to go to school where there’s action…then look no further because the Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre (CVCEC) is the place for you.

In just one day we have so many activities going on it’s hard to keep up.  For instance, we have Stephanie Diabo arriving at the school to do “Student for Day “in one of our health care programs.  When asked if her experience was beneficial her answer was “the whole experience was great; being a Student for Day really gives you an important perception of what it would be like to take the course”.  Stephanie was able to participate in the Cultural Competencies module; a module that gives students an opportunity to share with their fellow classmates’ culture and traditions that may be different from their own.

In the next classroom, our second year Health, Assistance and Nursing students are finishing up their program with their CPR certification. Meanwhile back in the workshop, some of our carpentry students just completed their Forklift Certification; which for all these students, HAN and carpentry, only adds more awesome acquired skills for their future employment opportunities.

We at CVCEC try to make each day as exciting as the next, our dedicated students and staff only make it look easy!

Joanne O’Hanley (Counselor)

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