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Oh, yes we can!

Oh, yes we can!

After being in a classroom for a year, the HAN students (Health, Assistance and Nursing program) are now out on stage for another glorious year, putting their acquired knowledge to the test and getting plenty of hands-on clinical practice in Acute and Long Term Care environments, under the guidance of a supervisor.

The Health, Assistance and Nursing program (HAN/LPN) is the foundation of all needed knowledge. It is designed to teach facts and assist with critical thinking. The instructors also teach and demonstrate through examples during lab time.

I came across this quote one day and it really forced me to think outside the box


Author Unknown

Oh, yes we can! Although this quote states that there are certain aspects of being a good nurse that cannot be taught, at CVCEC the teachers strive on demonstrating them and making their students aware of empathy, dignity and non-verbal communication.

As a nursing student, it might be ALL about the grades, but a good nurse will possess all of these qualities and the needed knowledge.

Lisa Dobson (Stage Instructor)