Oh, yes we can!

Oh, yes we can!

After being in a classroom for a year, the HAN students (Health, Assistance and Nursing program) are now out on stage for another glorious year, putting their acquired knowledge to the test and getting plenty of hands-on clinical practice in Acute and Long Term Care environments, under the guidance of a supervisor.

The Health, Assistance and Nursing program (HAN/LPN) is the foundation of all needed knowledge. It is designed to teach facts and assist with critical thinking. The instructors also teach and demonstrate through examples during lab time.

I came across this quote one day and it really forced me to think outside the box


Author Unknown http://www.pinterest.com/pin/255931191298168924/

Oh, yes we can! Although this quote states that there are certain aspects of being a good nurse that cannot be taught, at CVCEC the teachers strive on demonstrating them and making their students aware of empathy, dignity and non-verbal communication.

As a nursing student, it might be ALL about the grades, but a good nurse will possess all of these qualities and the needed knowledge.

Lisa Dobson (Stage Instructor)

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