Options February Report

This month the Options class began the Unit on Goal Setting. This unit includes topics such as:

• What I Already Know
• My Personal Values
• Identity
• Me, Myself and I
• Setting Goals for a Better Future
• My Personal Goals
• My Choices
• Thinking Critically
• How are you doing?
• The World Around Me
• Filling Out Forms with Personal Information
• Taking Care of Myself: Handling Stress
• My Daily Goals
• Me and My World
• What I Know Now
• All About Me
• Checkpoint

For Valentines Day, the Options class exchanged Valentine-o-grams with their fellow classmates. Students also made chocolate covered strawberry hearts with sprinkles as a tasty treat, which they attached to their Valentine-o-gram while sharing.

This month students practiced their presentation skills through a self-portrait project. They chose various forms to display their projects through PowerPoint and Bristol boards.

As for the physical activity component of the course, students are practicing yoga, deep breathing techniques and meditation. We also have been using the conference room space to practice Zumba and dance fitness.

In our health course we have learned about the five food groups, portion sizes, creating healthy snacks and how to read ingredients on food labels while shopping on a budget. In the month of March we will have the opportunity to apply the skills we have learned by taking a field trip to Le Marché Provigo.

On this field trip students will get to learn what it is like to work in a local grocery store. We will visit various departments and talk to employees to learn about their roles and responsibilities; for example: the bakery, seafood department, butcher, greenhouse, the clerk who stocks the shelves, inventory taker, cashier and maintenance workers. The goal here is for students to see what it would be like to work in a grocery store in each of the roles listed above.

After visiting the various departments and employees, we will have a chance to visit the cooking school upstairs to make a healthy meal with a nutritionist from Marché Provigo. She will speak to us about the food groups and we will create a meal by including one item from each food group. The purpose of this activity is to allow students to learn about how to shop using the grocery signs located in each row. Also we will be using our budgeting skills for this activity by comparing prices of various store items in order to choose the lowest possible price.

We have two students who will be starting a stage next month at the Huntingdon CHSLD. Congratulations to Mary Rusel and Sheila Rusel! They will be assisting the Recreational Therapist in conducting her music therapy session.

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