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PABs in Training

Job opportunities are waiting, while our PABs (Préposés aux bénéficières) finish their last modules. The last three modules require the students to leave the classroom and work in hospitals [short term, long term and mental health institutions.]
Students have worked extremely hard in the classroom, where mastering the theory behind the trade has taken place. They have also presented projects, acted out scenarios and wrote exams.
The final day has now arrived and the excitement builds. As it’s time to apply all of their knowledge and skills from their training into the work place. The learning has shifted from the classroom to the hospital.
Students are nervous and enthusiastic as they anticipate the challenges ahead of them, but what a great opportunity for our PABs!
We are very fortunate in our area, that the local hospitals welcome our students and accept them as part of their team. A huge thank you to all those who make it possible!

This is where doors open for future careers.

Beverly Tannahill, PAB Teacher CVCEC

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