Painting and Drawing at HAECC

Huntingdon Adult Education & Community Centre (HAECC) is so much more than a school for students. We are a place where anyone of all ages can come and learn. HAECC is the proud home of a semi-annual Painting and Drawing Class. Taught by local artist Pat Walsh who welcomes people of all abilities to her class.

Pat is a wealth of knowledge as she has been teaching for many years both in the Chateauguay Valley as well as at Montreal’s Centre des Arts Visuels. Walsh, who is a founding member of Montreal’s Powerhouse Gallery (one of Canada’s oldest artist-run centres, now called La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse), graduated with a BFA from Mount Allison University, she completed her MFA in Studio Art at Concordia University, with a double major in multimedia and photography.

What is most interesting about her class is the wide range of people who attend. Some who have been artists for years, or others who have only recently picked up a brush. Her students range in age from 20 to 80 and are often selected to display their works of art at the local library.

Her most recent course runs from April 10th until May 28th. The class is every Tuesday from 1-4pm at the Centre. Cost for the session is $150.

For more information on this class, please contact Heidi Niven at or 450-264-9276 at HAECC.

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