Partners for Life

Battling Depression with Partners for Life

On Thursday, February 1st HAECC staff and students were visited by the organization Foundation Jeunes en Tete who presented: Partners for Life: a province-wide outreach program aimed to raise awareness on teen depression through education.

  • Between 5% and 10% of young people aged 14 to 18 suffer from major depression at one point during their adolescence.
  • 50% of mental health issues begin before the age of 14.
  • Even today, 75% of young people will not seek help for fear of being judged, stigmatized, or rejected by their peers.
  • 80% to 90% of young people who commit suicide suffer from a mental illness—most often, depression.

Two facilitators from the organization provided a workshop on the signs of depression to over 50 of our students. The Conference room was packed with students from Horticulture, Adult General Education, and the Options program were all present for this important presentation. The workshop took place over an hour and 15 minutes and went through the signs and symptoms of depression; and how to find help for yourself or for someone you love. The facilitators were well prepared to answer all questions and offer various scenarios to our students. This is the fourth time this organization has presented at our Centre and they always leave a deep impact on our students.

For more information on this amazing resource, please visit their website.


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