Partnership Award – Our House

The Our House Project won the Partnership Award at the “TIPSA Celebrating Success Ceremony” last Thursday evening. TIPSA (Provincial Interlevel Table for the English Sector) holds an annual ceremony to celebrate several innovative vocational and technical programs from across the province. Below is the text from the event program:

“The New Frontiers School Board (NFSB), is a joint venture with the municipality of Ormstown and Ecohome/LEED, is building two homes for Habitat for Humanity. Through the NFSB’s Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre’s Carpentry (CVCEC) program, students learn the tools of the trade as well as how to shape their community.

With the NFSB’s innovative Our House project, students and instructors will build the highest quality homes possible wile learning and implementing the latest methods. Teachers from partnering school boards have received training and will offer their expertise to complete the project. Local businesses have been inspired to offer their services and citizens participated in the Our House Fundraising Jamboree. By the summer of 2015, two families will be handed the keys to their very own homes by Habitat for Humanity.

Award recipients:
Caroline Beaulieu, Centre Director
Richard Bertrand, Peter Dahms, Steven Davies, Deborah Dohmen, Don Gillies, John Hodges, Alice Loney, Jovan Mercier Montminy, Alain Racine, Gerry Rossiter, Poya Saffari, Stephane Samson.”

Congratulations to all those involved in this amazing project!



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