Sharing best practices … PLC style.

Our academics teachers at Huntingdon Adult Education and Community Centre were part of a team from the New Frontiers School Board who attended a PLC (Professional Learning Communities) conference in Jacksonville, Florida (in November). This team made up from adult education teachers, and administrators from all three of our centres (HAECC, NOVA and CVCEC), spent three days learning the long list of benefits that can come from a school adopting a PLC.

PLCs are the network of teaching professionals coming together within a school or centre and exchanging their ideas about how to best teach and prepare their students to attain their full potential. Marie-Claire Charlebois (French, Art, and Café teacher), Kathleen Hackett (Math, Science, and Biology teacher) and Sabrina Henderson (English and History teacher), were all in attendance at the workshops offered at the conference and are excited to implement new ideas to their planning, teaching and team meetings to continue to further the success of their students!

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